About us

White Noise Gallery was founded in 2014 by Eleonora Aloise and Carlo Maria Lolli Ghetti.

The gallery is named after the physical phenomenon of the white noise in order to state its main goal: to converge and develop all the frequencies of the contemporary art world. It has a strong focus on research; it doesn’t promote a specific artistic current nor tries to ride a single wave. The declared mission is to send out a signal representing the status of art today through the work of selected artists that are able to best embody the impulses of their time.

Four years after the opening, the gallery renovates by moving its location to the very centre of Rome, right next to the pulsating heart of the Italian contemporary art environment.

A new approach based on installation, a direct consequence of the old space project room, pushes the boundary of the gallery’s research-based identity.

From day one the gallery has extended its action outside of the exhibition space attending numerous art fairs around the world and developing projects for external spaces. Collaborations and partnerships with established institutions, such as National Academies, are the final contribution towards the realization of a multifaceted exhibition program, able to promote emerging and established artists from all around the world.



Eleonora Aloise 



Carlo Maria Lolli Ghetti



Chiara Garlanda

Gallery Manager


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