About us

In its second life -started with the change of location in 2018- the White Noise widens its vision, opening up towards the most internationally relevant researches.

It is a project before being a gallery, where the physical space represents only the starting point and research and experimentation are the keystones leading the choices of the two founders Eleonora Aloise and Carlo Maria Lolli Ghetti.

The curatorial and conceptual view of White Noise does not investigate contemporary art only by displaying the present time; it tries to stimulate a debate and a vision of the future through the eyes of the most promising young Italian and international artists.

The space of via della Seggiola in Rome is strongly characterised, it has and identity and a history, but White Noise project wants to overcome the walls of the gallery dialoguing and mixing up with private and public spaces, new markets and new environments, breaking down geographical and cultural barriers.



Eleonora Aloise 



Carlo Maria Lolli Ghetti



Chiara Garlanda

Gallery Manager

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